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Tyler Hudson Sonshine Foundation

Tyler's Story

Thank you for visiting our site and learning about our son and our Foundation.  I want to take this time to share my son with all of you and to truly pay tribute to his endearing spirit and compassionate soul.  Let me make it clear to everyone who visits this site today and for anyone in the world, we are proud of our son!   Proud to be his parents, we will always be Tylers’ Mom and Dad.  There are many who never met Tyler, those who were lucky to have met Tyler at different points of his life; some who have only known Tyler through his long illness, others as an infant to toddler, and yet the few who have walked this whole journey with us.  What many saw of Tyler in his latest hours was not the gift God had let us borrow for these eighteen years.  The mental illness that Tyler battled for over 5 years robbed him of his beauty and his gifts.   The pain had become so great that it did not allow you to view the truly gifted child, fun loving boy and the handsome young man he had become.  It was extremely difficult and heart wrenching for Robin and I to walk this path with Tyler and to watch him struggle and live in pain. 

Tyler was born in Anaheim, California at the Covenant Birthing Center across the street from Disneyland.  He was so full of life the moment he entered this world and immediately was calmed by the voice of his mother.  As I cut the umbilical cord he looked into my eyes hoping I knew what I was doing.  When he was laid on his mothers’ chest the bond was immediate and eternal.  The bond in that room will always shine through every moment in our lives on earth and in heaven.  The three of us began our lives on that day in California that would bring so much joy.  Tyler immediately showed his beautiful personality and kindness through his expression and his laughter.  His laughter was consuming.  He began to touch everyone with an indelible feeling of joy.   As Tyler grew he was fearless and brave.   Tyler showed his compassion often.  Whether it was his compassion for the small defenseless animal or the seeing the pain and tears of another, Tyler felt empathy.   Tyler’s sense of himself and his ability to make you feel whole and comfortable was his light to our world.  He truly was like a Beacon of Light, making sure everyone found their way home safe and sound.   The lives and people he touched remember the fun and joy Tyler exuded.  His heart was too kind for this world.  

Tyler had the imagination of George Lucas with the detail of Albert Einstein.    He had such vision and detail just so you would have the best experience with him.    He loved the underdog and the power of the comeback.  To be around Tyler gave each person touched by him the sense of fulfillment.   He truly was a Beacon of Light to others.  Many may not know that Tyler modeled and had an agent in California, where he was even cast for a commercial.   This artistic side of Tyler was truly remarkable.  He was ever the actor and character.  He did local theatre here with the Spotlight Theatre and the American Theatre Company.  He did a play one year at Spotlight as the lead Pinocchio.   It was amazing to watch his ability and the ease to bring everyone into this story.  On one performance we observed audience members waiting after the show to get his autograph, he was touching lives again.  This was one of his proudest accomplishments that gave him so much joy.  He also had a three year experience with the Christmas Carol.  He loved that play and the cast he performed with, he really shined on stage.  This again gave Tyler the opportunity to bring joy to others.   He met so many great kids at these performances.  His performance side also encompassed a huge wit and great sense of humor.  He could make you laugh even on your worse day. 

As Tyler entered elementary school then middle school and subsequently high school he excelled in many classes and was liked by so many.  Unfortunately, as he entered high school he was long suffering his illness and was not the boy he once was.  He tried to his best to continue to please others and be a part of everyone’s life.  Our son will continue to live in our lives, our hearts and our daily prayers and he will always be a joy to us and to everyone he came in contact with.  Although he left our lives much too early how he lived so large and beautiful for much of his 18 years must not be forgotten.  Robin and I were reflecting back through our photos and stories of our trips to Disneyland, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, California and many others, and we looked at each other and thanked God for the opportunity to share so much with Tyler.  We all need that Beacon of Light in our lives and Robin and I are lucky enough to have had the brightest one of them all.   We miss you son!  Thank you all for sharing Tyler with us.  Please support our Foundation and Mission in remembering Tyler and breaking the silence and stigma that comes from suffering from a mental illness!